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Our visions is to be the UK Cannabidiol leader in respect to education, quality and service. Creating sustainable value for our customers, employees, environment, community and shareholders.

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Our Mission

To provide informed consumers with distinctive, affordable, premium-quality products that Cannabidiol (CBD) has to offer.

Our Vision

To be the UK Cannabidiol leader in respect to education, quality and service. Creating sustainable value for our customers, employees, environment, community and shareholders.


CBD Might Not Change The World

But It Can Certainly Change Yours

What is CBD, and why should you care? It’s a contagious buzzword in the 21st century, and you can’t go a day without hearing it mentioned on the radio, through a friend, or in passing on the street. CBD is taking the world by storm, and today, hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states in America, not to mention Canada, Spain, Uruguay, and many more. That’s hemp – not marijuana. The difference between hemp and marijuana is simple.

Marijuana contains up to 30% THC, the compound that “makes you high.” Hemp contains a far lower concentration, less than 0.3%. Professional CBD extraction of the entire plant delivers high-quality CBD with <0.3% THC. With this psychoactive compound out of the picture, you’re left with pure, unadulterated perks that might just change your world.

Exhempt is passionate about 100% natural CBD oil, coffee, edible flowers, topicals, clothing, and vapes (coming soon), comprising only the finest CBD hemp extract. Discover a wide range of all-natural CBD products under one roof, without paying the Earth.

Research suggests that CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a set of cell receptors found throughout your organs and connective tissues. Hemp compounds, CBD included, interact with this system to deliver noticeable changes in your health and well-being.

General Questions

The major difference is how industrial hemp has been bred compared to a marijuana form of Cannabis sativa. Industrial hemp is very fibrous, with long strong stalks, and barely has any flowering buds, and often grows 12-15ft tall, while a marijuana strain of Cannabis sativa will be smaller, bushier, full of flowering buds, and typically grows on 5-6ft tall. Marijuana has a high amount of THC and only a very low amount of CBD. Hemp, on the other hand, naturally has a very high amount of CBD, and only micro trace amounts of THC. Fortunately, the cannabinoid profile of hemp is ideal for people looking for benefits from cannabis without the “high”.

Hemp is used for making medicinal remedies, food, fiber, rope, paper, bricks, oil, natural plastic, and so much more. Whereas marijuana is usually used just recreationally, spiritually, and medicinally. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MALE OR FEMALE VERSION OF THE HEMP PLANT.

*Note Hemp derived, CBD oil is sometimes referred to by people as cannabis oil, as the term cannabis can technically describe hemp or marijuana, and in our case cannabis oil is obviously being used to describe our hemp oils.

No. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a high. CBD is an advantageous daily staple item since there are minimal side effects.

CBD is extracted and separated from specific varieties of cannabis, often known as hemp. Chemically, CBD is one of 100+ chemical substances known as cannabinoids, which are all found in the cannabis plant. CBD is the typically the most abundant compound in hemp, representing up to 40% of the plant.

Because our oils are extracted from hemp, you might hear this type of product referred to in a few ways: CBD-rich hemp oil, hemp-derived CBD oil, CBD-rich cannabis oil, or full spectrum hemp extracts. CBD oil is unique from typical hempseed oil sold cheaply in the grocery store because CBD hemp oil is an extraction of all aerial parts of the hemp plant, instead of only the seeds. This method of extraction produces a nutritionally robust oil.

More research is needed to figure out the total effects this compound has on our bodies. Studies have shown the existence of a system of cell receptors in your body, called the endocannabinoid system (ECs), which spreads throughout the connective tissues and even into your organs. The cannabis family of plants contains compounds which interact specifically with this system and provide nutritional and therapeutic value that is unavailable to most other plants.

The cannabis plant consists of a wide variety of chemicals and compounds. About 140 of these belong to a large class of aromatic organic hydrocarbons known as terpenes (pronounced tur-peens).

Terpenes, unlike cannabinoids, are responsible for the aroma of cannabis. The FDA and other agencies have generally recognized terpenes as “safe.” Terpenes act on receptors and neurotransmitters; they are prone to combine with or dissolve in lipids or fats; they act as serotonin uptake inhibitors (similar to antidepressants like Prozac); they enhance norepinephrine activity (similar to tricyclic antidepressants like Elavil); they increase dopamine activity; and they augment GABA (the “downer” neurotransmitter that counters glutamate, the “upper”). However, more specific research is needed for improved accuracy in describing and predicting how terpenes in cannabis can be used medicinally to help treat specific ailments/health conditions.

It depends entirely on what product you purchase from our shop but everything comes with its own dedicated set of instructions to make ingestion as simple as possible. From balm that you apply to your lips and gum you chew to capsules you swallow with water to liquid you drop under your tongue, there’s something to suit everyone. Meaning our products fit nice and easily into your life.


All our products are sold as food supplements only to help promote everyday wellbeing. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


As always, you should consult with your doctor prior to taking any new supplements or medications to ensure there are no conflicts in their effects on your system.


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